Founded in 1992, Chongqing Lifan Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called Lifan Group) is one of the biggest private enterprises in China, which is also a large-scale private listed enterprise (with over 15000 employees) focusing on scientific research and development as well as manufacturing and sales of automobiles, motorcycles and engines, and being involved in financial securities and real estate. It is also one of the largest manufacturing export enterprises in China, having come out in front for export among Chinese independent automobile and motorcycle brands. Globalization and new energy are the two key development strategies of Lifan Group.



    Lifan automobile stamping workshop meets production line standard for large mechanical press. It has a whole set of stamping unit of international advanced level. The hydraulic machine with PLC and LCD screen can automatically display parameters and type of failure, which helps to complete all stamping processes effectively and meanwhile guarantees quality. To maintain quality control, we set up inspection for after-stretching and after-stamping, using test device to control surface precision and functional match.


    Welding workshop has one major and two supplementary welding lines, wrapping machine, body-in-white conveyor and adjusting line, three-dimensional measuring device, etc.. We implement self-check and cross-check in the whole process, having full quality control on welding products by inspecting five elements: four-door two-cover and oil filler cap clearance and surface deviation, front&back combination lighting and luggage boot lid adjustment, four-door two-cover wrapping, engine room cover adjustment and process transition.


    Lifan imported advanced spraying equipment, using automatic conveying and paint mixing system to achieve gloss finish. Painting workshop has strict control on equipment parameters, and also set up inspection on electrophoretic paint film, bond, floating coat, top coat, mixing and process transition.


    Assembly workshop contains car body conveying, interior decoration assembly, engine and rear axle & chassis assembly, ground assembly and inspection for product safety, rainproof and appearance. We have quality control on eight elements: electricity, engine suspension torque, rear axle torque, auxiliary frame torque, brake and ABS system, meter subassembly, 58-station specific inspection and rain test.


  • NOV.2017

    the Eleventh China-Latin American Entrepreneurs Summit was held in the city of Punta del Este in Uruguay. During the summit, Uruguayan President Tabare Vazquez and Vice President Lucia Topolansky met with Mu Gang, the Chairman of Lifan Group who was invited to attend the summit. Chairman Mu also delivered keynote speech at the opening ceremony on December 1.

  • SEP.2017

    Lifan Motors held the grand tenth anniversary ceremony for Lifan Motors Russia and the launching ceremony for MYWAY in Moscow. Until 2017, Lifan Motors has being the top sales among Chinese cars and the most popular Chinese auto enterprise in Russia for consecutive seven years.

  • JULY.2017

    Lifan Motors took part in ‘Russian INNOPROM Innovative Industry Exhibition’for three consecutive years from 2015 to 2017. As the only invited representative for Chinese auto enterprises, Mr. Mu Gang—president of Lifan Industry (Group) Co. Ltd. delivered a speech as a guest in 2017.

  • MARCH.2017

    Lifan Motors has sponsored the high-profile finals of the Freestyle Skiing World Cup in Moscow for consecutive two years, including 2015-2016 and 2016-2017seasons. As the main sponsor, Lifan Motors, joining hands with the excellent players, presented a magnificent final competition to the audience worldwide.

  • JUNE.2015

    “Lifan Night” was grandly held in Chongqing international Expo center. The ambassadors, counselors, consuls and governors together witnessed the global launching of Lifan820—the first intermediate car of Lifan Motors.

  • JUNE.2015

    The first European Games was held in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. As the authorized auto brand of the event, Lifan Motors became the 8th official sponsoring brand after some international brands like Coca Cola, Nestle, P&G, Tissot, Mcdonald and Motorola etc.

  • AUG.2014

    In a feature report named Chinese Auto Enterprise in Brazil posted in an authorized Brazilian magazine Quatro Rodas, Lifan Motors was rewarded with The Best Chinese Auto, and Lifan X60 was awarded Top Sales Chinese Car.

  • MAY.2014

    Lifan Motors Ethiopia held the launching ceremony for Lifan 530 at the Eastern Industry Zone in Ethiopia. Mulatu Teshome, president of The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia unveiled the new model and personally named it after DUKEM530, which has been a star model in Ethiopia since its launching and highly recognition was awarded from all walks of life.2000 taxi orders make Lifan 530 the genuine mobile city card for Addis Ababa. Lifan, the fully-deserved No. 1 in Ethiopian market.

  • OCT.2013

    Lifan Group invested RMB 477 million in building brand new R & D center and put into operation. The newly built R & D center includes auto and motorcycle development building and a test center, bringing in more advanced auto and motorcycle R&D, test and related auxiliary facilities, symbolizing that Lifan Motors had moved forward to a new stage in production and R&D.

  • MAY.2012

    Lifan Group established LLC Lifan Motors Rus, commencing to cover sales network, marketing, brand promotion and after services. Lifan Motors tops all for sales among Chinese auto brands in Russia.

  • MAY.2012

    Lifan Group, together with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, held a press conference in Chongqing, and signed a cooperation contract which announced that Lifan Group officially joined the Industrial Liaison Program of MIT.

  • NOV.2010

    Lifan Industry (Group) Co., Ltd is successfully listed in China Shanghai Stock Exchange. It is the first listing private enterprise in the field of automobiles and motorcycles in China.

  • JAN.2006

    A worldwide Lifan520 Launching Ceremony was held successfully. Lifan launched its first own-brand cars——Lifan520.